Spring AsparagusWelcome to Chef John Sundstrom’s Lark, one of the Pacific Northwest’s premier, artisan-focused restaurants. Located in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood. Our menu features small plates of locally-produced and organic cheese, charcuterie, vegetables, grains, fish, and meats, all prepared with a signature focus on flavor and quality. We work with local artisans, farmers, and foragers to serve the best of each season, bright and intense with summer and spring, rich and heartening in the winter and fall.

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Slab hours 11am - 5pm

Lark hours 5pm - 8pm

Take out ordering begins @ 10:45am Tuesday thru Saturday for same day pick-up

Lark - Cooking Wild in the Northwest

Sandwiches, pie, and picnics 

Slab Sandwiches is located just around the corner from Lark, at 1201 10th Ave. Slab is open 10 - 3, Monday - Friday.  

Bring Lark to your kitchen

A new edition of the Lark cookbook has been released! Now with a softcover and an additional chapter devoted to recipes for the home pantry, the cookbook is available for purchase at the Lark store or your favorite bookseller.

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Lark Restaurant

Open 7 nights a week
5 pm - 11 pm

Slab Sandwiches + Pie

Open Everyday 11am - 2pm

Visit slabsandwich.com for more information.


Off the Record

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Bitter Raw

Mon - Fri 11:30am–Close
Saturday 3pm–Close
Sunday Closed

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