World of Rosé

World of Rosé

Monday August 28, 6:00 pm

$100, including tax + gratuity


Chef John Sundstrom and Jennifer O’Neil, Lark’s wine director, are putting on a late summer dinner that will serve as a deep dive into the wonderful world of rosé. The dinner will feature unique rosés that demonstrate the range of the beloved wine. The dishes will push conventional ideas of rosé pairings, and the wines themselves will be a surprise for guests. Expect a wonderful range of rosés from around the globe! Call us at 323-3275 to reserve your seat.



Fried eggplant, whipped feta, chiles

Salt cod brandade, charred crouton, herb salad 

Grilled lamb kofta, summer squash, toasted garlic, mint 


Daurade, black olive, cherry tomato, cucumber, fermented sea bean, preserved lemon 


Pork tenderloin and shoulder pavé, grilled Castelfranco radicchio, blue cheese, pickled sour cherry 


Oxtail and chanterelle stuffed Piquillo pepper, Manchego espuma, green beans, salted almond 


Plum upside down cake, lemon custard sauce, hazelnut crumble, blackberry sorbet 



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